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For some first hand accounts of how FMT has helped our patients, have a look at our testimonials.

Remo - Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years

Two week on from FMT and I am definitely better than pre-FMT. The mucous is almost gone completely. I still have a journey of getting over the anxiety of being near a toilet etc, but that will probably take some time. I went to a luncheon last week with no issues and hoping to go out to a fancy restaurant tomorrow night and do my first nature walk for over a year next week!

Tom- H. Pylori, C. Diff and antibiotic induced dysbiosis

Eight weeks on from treatment I have really started to notice some major differences. Apart from getting into the gym everyday, I’ve put on 7kg since I left, which is amazing as trying to put on weight before was impossible. I’m eating very well, also slowly introducing foods I couldn’t go near and tolerating them. I feel FMT pushed me into healing mode and out of sickness and inflammation. I’m still on the road to recovery, however without FMT I would still be where I was 8 weeks ago and struggling. Finally bathroom visits and stomach issues aren’t in the back of mind mind all the time. I can concentrate on work and living my life. I also suffered from Alopecia in the past, and since FMT I have experienced consistent hair regrowth!

Sharon - IBS-D for 26 years

Sharon has been living with debilitation IBS-D for 26 years. She turned to FMT as a last ditch effort to improve her health and her life in general. During Sharon’s 10 treatments, she noticed some significant improvements in her condition, including fewer bowel movements, weight loss, much less tummy grumbling, and no reaction to food she had previously not been able to tolerate. Sharon now wishes she had not left FMT as a last option, and encourages people to use it as a first option!

Carla - IBS for 6 years (23 years old)

Carla has suffered from nausea and vomiting, diarrhoea, skin issues and fatigue for 6 years. After 10 FMTs she has not vomited in three weeks, has more energy, wakes up better in the morning and her skin has cleared up. Carla is so happy to have undergone FMT and she wants to share her story so that she can get to other people who are struggling to find help.

Eric - Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years

I have had Ulcerative Colitis for 10 years, and it has been very bad for the last two. I had 15 FMTs and I feel like a completely different person. I have so much energy, I eat like a horse, my bowel movements are much less frequent and more solid, and my blood test results are perfect. Ashlea was easy to talk to and made me feel very relaxed. I would recommend this treatment and QLD FMT to anyone considering it.

Gene- IBS for 20+ years

After 10 FMTs I am less bloated and much less gassy. My bowel movements even though still short and irregular are not as loose. I feel a lot healthier and my stomach has got its toned shape back, something I haven’t seen in a long time. Still have a way to go but with the right diet and lifestyle I do believe I am on the right track to beating my IBS.  Ashlea was very professional and made me feel very welcome and supported me and my wife throughout the whole treatment. I have recommended QLD FMT and would recommend them again.

Steuart - Ulcerative Colitis for 26 years

I was diagnosed with UC 26 years ago and had to make a decision whether to have my colon out or take a cocktail of medication. At the start I took the medication but it was as bad as the disease so I chose to be as healthy and active as possible. 26 year later my partner couldn’t believe my struggle and as a science based nutritionist she research alternative therapies. This is when she found Dr Paul Froomes and FMT. I have had 10 doses of FMT treatment and I am now living a life when I am no longer anxious about where toilets are or that I can’t eat certain things. I can hold on to my bowel movements like a normal person and for the first time in 26 years I feel free. I know people who have this will know what i mean by feeling free!

Keith - Chronic constipation for 20 years

I am a 72 year old man who has suffered with gut problems for at least 20 years. Indeed, when I look back over my life I can see that my gut was problematic from boyhood. Over the last 10 years I have ingested a large number of antibiotics because of surgeries and lung problems. The last 10 years has seen my symptoms worsen and over the last 5 years my symptoms have become unbearable.

My symptoms were extreme bloating, constipation and then explosive gastric if I took Osmolax, a prescribed laxative, stomach cramping, soreness and pain, unbearable burning from my stomach to my jaw area, pain  across my throat, slight fever, tiredness and lack of energy or interest, belly rumbling and a feeling of emptiness, even after eating and various other symptoms. The only relief I could get during severe bouts was to go to bed.

I live a healthy life, I do not live on take away or junk food, I  use no added sugar or salt, I  have a low fat high fibre diet and do not over eat. I exercise every day. Despite this, I have continued to put on weight over the last 10 years or so.

Recently I consulted with Dr Froomes of Melbourne, Australia, a gastroenterologist, and consequently began a 10 day Fecal Microbial Transplant treatment which was performed by Ashlea King, of Yeppoon , Queensland. The treatment was performed each day for 10 days at the clinic which Ashlea operates in Yeppoon, it has been 11 days since I began the treatment. I found Ashlea very professional, organized, reliable and competent and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anybody.

At this stage my bloating has decreased considerably, the condition of my stools has improved  and I have had a great reduction in constipation and explosive  gastric, I have more energy and feel stronger, the burning in my stomach and throat area is subsiding and the bouts of this burning are fewer in number and when they occur they do not last  long. I have had some relapses over the 11 days but they seem to be becoming less and were not as severe as the symptoms were before treatment began.
All I can do is honestly report the results I have experienced so far. I do not know what the future holds.
All in all, I have great hope that my condition will continue to improve and after many years of “ hopelessness and despair “ I now have hope that I can live a life in comfort with at least great reduction in symptoms, and hopefully total symptom relief.
I am aware that to give this treatment every chance, I need to continue to live a healthy life, paying attention to the food I eat, to exercising regularly and to showing great respect to my body.

Brad - IBS-C

I’m a 75 year old man and have had IBS symptoms and severe constipation for about a year. I needed to take laxatives to have any movement at all. It’s been a month since completing the 10 FMT treatments and I am now able to have regular movements without difficulty. I found Ashlea to be very professional, friendly and supportive. Her expertise in nutrition was also very helpful. I recommend her highly.

Kelly - Overweight, unable to lose weight

After taking many rounds of antibiotics as a child, I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I have tried everything, and had some success with the Microbiome Diet a few years ago, but another course of antibiotics to treat an infection caused me to pile the weight back on and nothing I did would shift it. I had 5 FMTs with QLD FMT, and within just two weeks I saw things changing.


My skin is SO soft! I went from having dry cracked skin on my feet and dry skin everywhere to having soft supple skin. Nice! My thinking isn’t foggy any more. I used to have brain fog quite a bit but now an thinking clearly and everything is so much easier! 

I have lost 6.4 kilograms. I will admit I am not exercising yet because I still feel quite tired…but I can feel my energy growing by the week and I at least now have the WANT to exercise so watch out over the next couple of weeks! Things are certainly changing.